Calendar Competitions – To be used in 2015

GGPT = Greens Grand Prix Trophy.


Mixed Spring Triples
March 5th until April 16th   (Gap week is March 26th)  (GGPT)

Easter egg competition
April 21st Bank holiday Monday

Flexible Competition
April 23rd

Ladies & Men’s Doubles
April 30th until July 16th  (Gap week May 21st)  (GGPT)

Jersey Open
May 3rd & 4th

Carrefour  Open Triples
May 5th

Liberation Day Trophy
Saturday May 10th

Presidents Trophy
June 11th     Ladies V Men

Flexible Competition
June 18th

Pointing & Shooting Competition
July 23rd (GGPT)

Summer Doubles & 1st Timers 
August 6th until September 10th  (Gap week August 20th)  (GGPT)

Flexible Competition
September 17th

September 20th & 21st

Autumn Triples
September 24th until November 1st (GGPT)

French Theme / Prize Melee

October 25th 10.30 for morning session or 2pm for afternoon session


Flexible Competition
November 12th

The Vauclusienne Trophy
November 19th until December 10th

John Mahy Competition

Variant Trophy Melee  (hotels)


Ladies & Men’s Singles

Inter Insular Selection Competition

October 12th in Guernsey

Carrefour Visit Guernsey

Friquet Flower Centre Melee