If you are interested in joining the Club or would like to try a game of Petanque, please contact one of the Contacts listed below or just turn up on a Saturday afternoon at 2 pm at the Club. See map for location of our club. To view in google maps just click on the map.

Map Petanque

Guernsey Club De Petanque

Ruette De Friquet
St Andrews
Tel: 01481 237861


President:- Pete Griffin, tel 01481 238845

Vice-President: – Nev T. Jehan, tel 01481 264697

Secretary :- Linda Coutu, tel 01481 714055 E-mail,

Treasurers’ Partnership :- Nev S. and Kathie Jehan, tel 01481 245598

Membership Secretary :- Bob Cave, tel 01481 240989

Captain:- Giles Cleal, tel 01481 252270

Vice-Captain:- Dave Allen (+ Open Organiser) tel 01481 263807

Social Secretary:- Margaret Allen, tel 01481 263807

Committee Member: – Carole Jehan (+ Assistant Open Organiser) tel 01481


if you wish to play in Town please email